7th November 2019

Laurent-Perrier, the perfect afternoon tea pairing

Hand crafted delicacies matched with a stately procession of the finest Champagne from Laurent-Perrier, what could be more tempting?

With care, time and passion the team have created our indulgently wonderful traditional afternoon tea. The same thought has gone into our Laurent-Perrier Champagne pairings to ensure a truly magical experience. But why Laurent-Perrier Champagne? Originally founded in 1812, the House of Laurent-Perrier has been defined by its pioneering role in innovating champagne throughout its history. Internationally recognised as one of the foremost names in champagne, its success can be attributed to a deliberate policy of challenging conventional techniques, whilst honouring traditional values: a respect for nature and above all, a passion for quality. The Laurent-Perrier portfolio consists of eight champagnes including Grand Siècle, originally launched in 1959 it blends three outstanding vintages to enable the creation of the perfect year. From these 8 champagnes we have chosen 3 to pair perfectly with each element from our top two tiers.

The St. Clements Tart & Laurent-Perrier Harmony
Intense and golden yellow in colour with a steady stream of fine bubbles, Laurent-Perrier Harmony compliments the creamy and tart lemon delight. The nose is rich with notes of dried fruits, almonds and hazelnuts as well as toasted aromas. With age, the nose evolves developing deeper notes of honey and pine resin. Full-bodied and generous, it is a rich wine with a rounded feel.

Raspberry and Pistachio Macaroon & Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé
Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé, bright, salmon-pink in colour – the nose is precise and very crisp with a lasting impression of freshness, it has hints of soft red fruits, such as strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries and black cherries. Perfectly paired with the nutty and fruity macaroon – it would be a struggle to find a more decadent pairing

Gateaux Opera and Hazelnut Tiffin & Laurent-Perrier Brut
Laurent-Perrier Brut, pale gold in colour with a steady flow of fine and persistent bubbles – the nose is delicate yet complex, fresh and well-balanced with hints of citrus and white fruits. The fruit progressively emerges to reveal a finely balanced champagne with great length on the finish. The soft, velvety pairings of the heavenly chocolate creations mixed with the expressive flavours of the Brut are to die-for.

“Laurent-Perrier has been defined by its pioneering role in innovating champagne throughout its history.”

In 2018, Laurent-Perrier celebrated half a century of its Cuvée Rosé – the original “modern” rosé champagne – which was born in 1968 by defying conventions and using innovative wine making techniques. Laurent-Perrier was the first house to make a Rosé champagne their focus, rather than as a secondary to their other cuvées. This was unheard of in the region at the time. It was produced in a method that is usually seen in the Provincial Rosé production, by leaving the skins in to add additional colour and depth of flavour. The Pinot Noir grapes used are hand-picked from only the best crus in Montagne de Reims and the House’s very own vineyards. If you haven’t tried it, you must! We use the crisp freshness and hints of strawberries and redcurrants from the Cuvée Rosé to pair with our raspberry and pistachio macaroon. A real match made in heaven. The Laurent-Perrier style is born out of the vision of one man, Bernard de Nonancourt, who from 1950 created champagnes based on freshness, finesse and elegance. Beyond these key parts of the house style, what really defines Laurent-Perrier is his pioneering spirit as an innovator in Champagne. He looked to create champagnes in a style that wasn’t seen anywhere else in the region. Moving to the use of stainless steel was one of the biggest changes that Laurent-Perrier made under Bernard’s command.

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