24th June 2024

Find Wellness with Mother Nature at Boringdon Hall Hotel

Retreat to Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa, or the ‘enchanted house on the hill’, for a restorative Gaia Spa break in the heart of Devonshire’s countryside. Perched on the edge of Dartmoor, the five-star manor house hotel is nestled within verdant greenery, ancient oak trees and rolling hills.


Exclusively for adults, Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall Hotel in Plymouth is a rejuvenating escape with relaxation and ritual at the heart of its spa treatments and spa breaks. Inspired my mother nature and our connection to the earth, Gaia Spa uses GAIA Skincare and tailored treatments to promote your own personal inner wellbeing.

Take a moment to sit outside and observe the trees, meditate with herbal tea in the relaxation room and reconnect with yourself through healing touch in a holistic treatment.

Read on to find out how you can find wellbeing at Boringdon Hall Hotel; be it on a spa day, through an overnight spa break or via GAIA Skincare’s nurturing products.

Spa Days at Gaia Spa
Our therapists are expertly trained to help recentre you through Gaia Spa’s own nature inspired treatments like raindrop therapy, crystal healing and holistic rituals. Embark upon a spa day here and take the time you need to enhance your natural inner wellness.

During a spa day choose which treatment you would like, slip on a robe and slippers, and delight in afternoon tea in the Spatisserie. Take your time journeying through the different elements of Gaia Spa including the hydrotherapy pool, heat experiences and deep relaxation room. For a total wellness experience make use of the fitness facilities and spend some time outside under the sun’s rays.

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Spa Breaks at Boringdon Hall
Escape the routines of daily life and find yourself in a tranquil hillside manor house for the night, whilst on a Spa Break at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa. The award-winning spa sanctuary has views over Dartmoor and is the perfect base to get out and rewild, or stay in and relax.

A spa break at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa truly is a treat. Packages vary; however, all include spa treatments, breakfast and dinner each day of your stay as well as full use of the spa and gym facilities and an overnight stay at adult only, five-star Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa.

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NEW Wellness Suites at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa are situated on the hillside beside Gaia Spa and have been designed to promote relaxation, healing and peace. Named Apollo, after the God of Healing and Hypnos, God of Sleep, each suite features a private outdoor spa bath and furnishings inspired by nature.

Explore the Wellness Suites.

GAIA Skincare therapies & products
Taking heed from Gaia, the Greek goddess often referred to as Mother Nature, the products and treatments used at Gaia Spa are inspired by nature and her abundance of offerings. Plant derived essential oils and herbal aromatherapy are used during treatments to invoke a sense of inner wellbeing and peace.

Beginning at Gaia Spa Boringdon, treatments and products have blossomed under the skilled holistic care of our talented practitioners and now spas throughout the UK use Gaia Spa treatments and GAIA Skincare products to quell worries and bring a sense of wellbeing back into individual’s lives.

Guests can recreate this feeling at home as GAIA Skincare products are available to buy online. Choose from moisturisers, haircare, prenatal, sleep, bath essentials and more. Offering beneficial properties for the mind, body and soul. Handmade in the English countryside using traditional methods, GAIA products are free from parabens and sulphates.

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Book your treatment, spa day or spa break at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa today and escape from normality. Join the loyalty club and earn credits when you spend at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa, it’s a way of saying thank you to our customers who return again and again to our enchanted house on the hill.

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