Tea Masterclass with JING Tea

Talk about and taste the finest examples of loose leaf teas as well as learning how to master the art of making tea

On World Tea Day discover a whole new world of tea with by having a Tea Masterclass with JING Tea.

Felicity Fowler, JING Tea’s Brand Ambassador will take you on an immersive journey into the awe-inspiring world of single garden tea. Henry will bring to life the Tea Master’s craft, and by guiding a tea tasting, offer you a chance to find new teas you'll love and connect with the people, places, and stories behind some of their favourite teas. This hour-long tasting will span the tastes of mysterious ancient forests of Yunnan in China to the majestic rolling foothills of Darjeeling in India and the vibrant coastal prefectures of Shizuoka in Japan and beyond.


Tuesday 21st May 2024


6pm Arrival Time


£15 per person

Want to linger a little longer in luxury?

Why not make the most of your evening and wake to the Devonshire countryside and book an over night break?

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