Gemma Lessinger ‘Momentum of the Moors’ Dartmoor Walk and Textured Painting Workshop

Join Gemma for a captivating guided walk amidst the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding Boringdon Hall.

Explore the diverse and enchanting terrain of Dartmoor, a landscape teeming with inspiration for textured art painting.

From the intricate patterns of leaves to the labyrinthine root systems, verdant ferns, tranquil wetlands, and meandering waterways.

Embark on a journey to gather hues, textures, and motifs from the Moor, returning to the hotel to translate these inspirations into textured art paintings. Gemma will provide repurposed materials, guiding you to infuse your creations with depth and dimension, epitomising her philosophy of harnessing environmental resources for artistic expression.

While renowned for her captivating seascape paintings, Gemma aims to showcase the boundless wealth of creativity inherent in all natural landscapes. Her textured painting technique is transferable across all settings, offering versatile artistic avenues for all.


Saturday 5th October 2024


Time: 10am - 4pm


£200 per person

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