14th June 2024

Celebrate English Wine Week at Àclèaf

Dine and drink in style this English Wine Week, Saturday 15th June – Sunday 23rd June, with an unforgettable experience at Michelin-star restaurant Àclèaf.

The intimate fine dining destination, nestled in the heart of Boringdon Hall in Devon, has paired with UK winemakers Gusbourne to curate a food and drink experience championing home-grown English wine.

Àclèaf paired perfectly with Gusbourne

Àclèaf is a restaurant which has its roots in England’s history, situated in a Tudor manor house on the outskirts of Dartmoor. The Michelin-star menu prides English produce, and English wine is no exception.

Gusbourne are a leading English winemaker and they have been making wine since 2004. Growing across 90 hectares on their estates in Kent and West Sussex, Gusbourne produces the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes under the English sunshine. Taking a low-intervention, sustainable approach Gusbourne’s wines have earned accolades from the world’s most discerning critics and wine bodies and continue to win national and international industry awards each year.

To celebrate English Wine Week, 7 days of dining experiences at award-winning restaurant Àclèaf will take guests on a culinary journey. The special menu features crab, scallop, lamb and blackberry dishes paired with a handpicked menu of Gusbourne’s Blanc de Blancs, Chardonnay Guinevere, Pinot Noir and Rose Brut.

Boringdon Hall Hotel’s Michelin-star restaurant is led by head chef Scott Paton and a team of skilled chefs who create traditional inspired dishes, in the ‘enchanted house on the hill’.

“We pride ourselves on using British produce and ingredients sourced from within the British Isles, and so celebrating home grown wine comes naturally to us. Gusbourne has been on the Àclèaf wine list since the beginning, and we’re really pleased to be collaborating with them on this special menu.” – Scott Paton


English Wine – A New Taste

English Wine Week, Saturday 15 June – Sunday 23 June, takes place annually and is a national celebration of what winemakers on our isle are producing in a relatively new industry for the country.

In recent years, England has experienced a notable shift in its climate, and rising temperatures have positively impacted the cultivation of UK vineyards. Historically, our cooler climate limited grape growing to hardy, disease-resistant varieties. However, the gradual increase in temperatures has allowed for the successful cultivation of grape varieties typically associated with warmer climates – such as those in the Champagne region.

This temperature change has not only extended the growing season but also improved the entirety of the process, resulting in higher quality grapes which are essential for producing premium wines like Gusbourne’s. English vineyards have expanded rapidly, and as a country we are now recognized for producing high-quality sparkling wines, rivalling those from more established wine regions.

When comparing the taste of English sparkling wines to the traditional French sparkling wines, particularly Champagne, the differences and similarities are intriguing. French Champagne is renowned for its complexity, derived from a combination of terroir, climate, and centuries-old winemaking techniques. The region's cooler climate contributes to the high acidity and distinctive flavour profile of its sparkling wines.

Travel northwards across the English Channel and the warming trend in England has created conditions like those historically found in Champagne, allowing English winemakers like Gusbourne to cultivate classic Champagne grape varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

English sparkling wines are still relatively new to the global market. But so far they have garnered praise for their freshness, elegance, and increasingly sophisticated profile. At Àclèaf the team believe English wine is an exciting contender to rival the classic French tipples and they’re excited to share with guests what Gusbourne are producing during the week of special dining events.

Guests can book a table now to try the celebratory menu and wine pairings, £200 per person, including paired wines. Àclèaf is serving 6.30pm – 9.30pm throughout English Wine Week, Saturday 15th June – Sunday 23rd June.

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