9th February 2024

Àclèaf earn their MICHELIN star for a consecutive year

MICHELIN recognises brilliance in Àclèaf

We're thrilled with the news that Àclèaf have been recognised by MICHELIN for a consecutive year as the annual announcement sees the restaurant earn their star.

Since being awarded their first star in 2023, the restaurant has been a key dining destination in the Southwest food scene, with visitors travelling afar to sample the award-winning menu.

The globally renowned MICHELIN Guide strives ‘to make driving, tourism and the search for unforgettable experiences available to all*’ as food is judged by a unique rating system, based on five criteria.

A continuation of dish development, head chef Scott Paton strives to celebrate the very best in seasonally inspired, local produce, delivering differing textures, impressive colours, and remarkable flavours. When seated in Àclèaf, each guest is taken on an unforgettable culinary journey, in intimate surrounds that give a nod to the prevailing elements of nature, of which are firmly rooted in the restaurants’ inspirations and ethos.

Shunning the typical three-course restaurant offering, Paton offers an extended menu where guests can sample four-courses, including surprises along the way, allowing guests the time to immerse in the journey and become educated on dish elements when found in the hands of the expert team. An elevated experience can be gained with a thoughtfully curated cheese course to finish, from the restaurant’s impeccable cheese trolley. The restaurant also offers a paired wine flight perfectly matched to each individual dish, picked from their impressive wine cellar which is home to over 1500 wines.

On the recognition Scott Paton quotes ‘We are delighted to once again be recognised by the Michelin Guide. This is a testament to the team's hard work, dedication, and passion, as well as the support of the directors of Philema. We are looking forward to building on this success and welcoming our guests, both new and old, to our beautiful and intimate restaurant to enjoy our fine hospitality.’

The MICHELIN starred menu includes CHICKEN LIVER, px, brioche, CRAB, curry, mango, HIGHLAND WAGYU, beetroot, pepper and CHOCOLATE, miso, sesame and is open for a limited amount of non-resident per evening. To secure a seat at Àclèaf, diners should book a dining inclusive package at Boringdon Hall.

Four-courses £120, cheese course £16pp. 

Reservations for Àclèaf and Boringdon Hall can be made by calling 01752 344455 or visit Àclèaf.com or boringdonhall.co.uk for further information.


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