21st January 2022

Àclèaf – A Kitchen for the Future

From launching Àclèaf in 2020 we've come a long way and continue to grow and strive for excellence. We have invested in our kitchen to head towards a more sustainable way of cooking.

During November 2021 Àclèaf closed the doors of the restaurant to host a limited edition tasting menu in the Spatisserie of Gaia Spa whilst the main kitchen was being remodelled.

Head Chef Scott Paton is constantly striving for excellence with his team working towards the same goal. The kitchen as a working environment is somewhere you spend many hours and during a busy service, all area's of the kitchen need to flow and work succinctly.

The whole kitchen has been redesigned and the layout has opened up the space to reduce movements in a busy service, providing a more simple and efficient working environment. The floor has been changed for additional grip and the ceiling has also been upgraded with new lighting.

The most important element of the kitchen refurb was the focus on an all-electric kitchen with a move away from gas inductions. A new cooking suite has been designed by eco-friendly kitchen specialist CHR, a British company who believe in the direction towards a more sustainable kitchen. Scott Paton was assisted by Jonny Baron who brought his experience in high-end kitchen technology to the design process. Discussing the latest technology opened new possibilities such as warming draws for meat resting in a controlled area.

The kitchen is personalised with the Àclèaf logo taking pride of place on the front. The Dekton pass countertop has been installed allowing for a perfectly flat serving service.

We have also installed an electronic hand wash basin which allows for an easier and efficient cleaning process, meaning more time to focus on the ingredients on the plate.

Scott Paton - "It was very important that we future proof this kitchen so that it can be around for many years. Gas is beginning to look like a limited option when it comes to fuel sources as the greener energy is starting to take to the forefront. As a future project we would like to see the installation of solar panels to again move further towards a sustainable kitchen which is efficient in its energy consumption. The whole team are delighted to be working in such a beautiful kitchen. It's created a much calmer service and a more efficient way of working. The air feels much clearer without the gas after switching to electric."

"I'm incredibly lucky to be able to call this new upgraded kitchen our place of work and in my opinion, it is one of the best in the South West that I have had the pleasure of working within. It's really great to know I have the backing and support from the directors to take Àclèaf to new highs and turn the dream of providing an incredible guest experience into a reality.'

With special thanks to Nathan from Unilec and his incredible team pushed to complete the installation with a very tight turnaround, without which this project would have been heavily delayed.

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